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Pastor's Conferences

"Every church here has been helped (by missions groups) in some way with children's ministries, building, helping orphans, and financial assistance--but nobody comes down to help the pastors...we don’t receive any teaching to help us become better pastors." ~Pastor Javier, Mexico.

ECI provides pastors with education, training, mentorship and overall encouragement in their ministries through two main avenues: conferences and theological training for pastors.


The ECI pastor’s conferences generally include four one hour sessions of teaching, lunch and refreshments for those who attend. Usually the conference begins at 9a.m. and ends around 4p.m.

Pastor’s Conference Themes

The ECI pastor’s conferences offer a variety of topics which include: the priority of Scripture in ministry, the heart of the leader, biblical eldership, the Gospel, the meaning of the death of Christ, the humanity and deity of Christ, global missions, marriage and family, etc.

Pastor’s Conferences Schedule